Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sometimes It Rains...

Our weather in the mighty midwest hasn't been overly summery...and I am certainly not complaining.  Last summer was a beast, so I feel like it was time for a mild summer.

And by "mild," I mean down right autumnal at times.

There's also been a decent amount of rain.

Rain means rainy days.

Rainy days mean bored children.

Bored children lead to fighting children.

Fighting children lead to crying.

And, you'd think I'd be used to crying, but I'm not.

I feel that as a service to moms who want less crying, I'd share one rainy day activity with you a week.

Not all rainy day activities are wildly creative, but more like reminders of activities we already have in our arsenal!

Writing a letter is certainly not a new idea, but it might be a forgotten one!

I love a good email, an encouraging text, a witty facebook status, but nothing beats the beauty and sentiment of a hand written letter or note.

Now that swimming lessons are over (praise-a-lujah!), we will be writing letters to one person a week.

Sharing some sunshine even if the day is rainy!

I gathered together our writing supplies:

I picked up the note cards at Walmart.  They are heavy and the thin sharpie didn't bleed through to the other side.  Always a plus!

We picked out 2 cards for our lucky recipients.

In the interest of full disclosure, we were writing birthday cards for my niece and nephew.  

Alyssa's birthday was in (ahem) November and Kyle's was in January.  

I like to claim the old saying of "better late than never" in that department!

I didn't want to micromanage the girls, so I pretty much just let them go!

I love love double love writing with a skinny sharpie!

I like how Maggie is deeply considering which marker to use :)

Gracie is clearly very, very focused :)

I feel like the finished products are very cheerful!

This note is going out next week!  

So, the next time it rains, take the opportunity to teach your kids the lost art of writing a letter...and send someone a little bit of love <3

If you didn't see Monday's post, be sure to hop over and sign up for the Happy Days (by Hannah) giveaway!

You know you want to win these!

Hope your day is happy!

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