Wednesday, July 31, 2013

La La Library

These girls of mine...they are cre.a.tive.

They randomly decided to make a library in their room this weekend!

Here we have their shelving system:

How creative and well organized, you say to yourself.

Then you wonder where they put the other bins that are usually in the shelving unit.

They're right here in a newly formed abyss.


Anyway, one of the lovely librarians would be happy to assist you in choosing books!

I told her I was interested in a book about summer

and a book for girls.

Her selections were spot on!

Then I brought my books to the circulation desk.

The librarians are happy to look up your information on the computer in case you forgot your library card.  And, yes, the library card is a hard plastic coin from a piggy bank toy.  The long balloon is some sort of pen.  I'm still unclear as to the ins and outs of what they are using the pen for, but I think unusually large pens are hilarious!

The other librarian was also incredibly friendly and helpful, like all good librarians!

Oh, did you see the Little House and Ramona books?  Unfortunately, those are not available for check out as they are used exclusively for story time.

I wonder who gets to sit on the pillow during story time?  

Gracie and our friend, Bri, were great library patrons, too!

And awfully cute polka dot buddies!

I hope your day is filled with the creative and the cute...and maybe even a made up library :)  
You can stop by my house if you need your made up library fix, because ours is still going strong!

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