Sunday, July 21, 2013

It was a Zoo!

We went to the zoo when we had a little family vacation with Aaron's parents, his sister and her husband and their kids (Amber, Kevin, Alyssa, and Kyle).

Prepare yourself for a photo barrage of zoo-centric adorableness :)

Here we are in the parking lot.

Leah and Maggie are so cute in all of their stripey glory.

Gracie hit the ground running when we got into the zoo!

What is there not to love about giraffes?

Nothing.  Giraffes are awesome!

Plus, giraffe is my favorite animal name in Spanish.

Jirafa, but you say it hee-RAH-fah.

High Five magazine teaches me so much.

Anyway, we also saw the king o' the jungle.

We saw a rhino, too.

But, no offense to the rhino, he was kind of boring.  He just sat there and cleverly disguised himself as a rock.  Maybe that's interesting?

I think Maggie and Gracie liked swinging on the bars more than the rhino.

We saw the camels, too.

I'm happy to report that the camels did not spit at us.

Here's the obligatory picture of a cute girl poking her head through a cut out circle.

We took a little snack/shade break.

What?  You don't eat your snack like that?  Hm.

Leah kept up the silliness!

And, she told me what to type on the pictures :)

While Leah was rocking the rock, Gracie was being all incognito.

Yep, she's in there!

Here's the best shot of the 3 of them that I could get.

That wasn't a really was the best sister shot :)

Then, we went into the bird house.

I feel like they should name those birds Dora and Diego.

It is worth mentioning that there was some sort of animal display outside of bird-ville.  I can't remember what was in the display, but they smelled so bad that it literally gagged.


I'm pretty tough, too, but it was repulsive.

After that, we went into the creepy crawly house.  I'm sure there was a more official name for it, but there was a cage full of huge cockroaches.

I didn't take a picture of it.  

You're welcome.

On the way out, we hit up the carousel.

I feel like you need a closer up shot of Maggie and how stinking cute she is!

Doesn't she just make you smile?  Love that girl!

I'd say that the carousel was a great way to end an awesome time at the zoo!

What's your favorite part of the zoo?

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