Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Don't Eat the Pretty Flowers!"

Please welcome one of my favorite little games!

I got the idea for this game from The Happy Home Fairy.  Julie has lots of fun ideas to make your home and family, well, more fun!

She originally did the game as a Thanksgiving activity.  We gave it a try and loved it!  We have since done a Valentine's Day version and now a summer version.

It is seriously so easy.  All you need is paper, markers, and small treats like Skittles or M&Ms.  If you're feeling healthy, you could even use raisins or Cheerios.  

Draw a 4x4 grid on a piece of paper.  Now you have 16 squares.  Draw a flower or an umbrella or a beach ball or a                                  .  Pretty much anything you can draw.

I had Leah draw our game.

It would be good to have each flower look different.

Put a little treat in each box.  We used Skittles.

The person who is "it" covers their eyes or goes into another room.

While she is gone, the people who remain choose 1 square.

The person who is "it" comes back and starts slowly eating the candy, one square at a time.

As soon as she reaches to eat the candy from the predetermined square, the rest of the group yells, "Don't eat the pretty flower!"

And that's it.

I know it sounds so easy that you wonder how it could even be fun.

3 things add to the fun factor:

  • The suspense of not knowing whether or not you'll choose the candy from the predetermined square.
  • Sanctioned yelling.  This is a big deal.  Your kids can yell and it's expected and encouraged.
  • Candy.  (duh)
It's so easy that even your teddy bear can play.

It's even better playing with your grandparents and cousin! 

Multi-generational fun for the win!

Give this game a try!

I guarantee that you can't help but have fun :)

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Have a happy day!

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