Friday, September 20, 2013

Cable Car Craft

Last weekend, I broke out a craft for the girls!

We didn't have any actual plans on Saturday, so I figured a little activity would prevent fighting give us something fun to do!

Lest you think that I'm super crafty all on my own, I assure you that I am not.  I got this out of the October 2013 issue of Parents magazine.  

craft with cardboard box

I love that this craft uses pretty much just found need to rush out and buy anything!

You start out with an old cracker box.

Then you cut out a window on both sides.

I wanted to have the girls paint all at the same time, but I could only find 1 brush!  I also decided to let them each use 1 color.  

You can still see some of the print on the boxes through the paint, but that's totally not a big deal.

They each did their painting and then we went on a family hike and resumed the crafting after naps.  

I wanted to make sure that paint was good and dry!

Before we started making them all pretty, I hot glued a straw on top.

You can use any old straw you have.  I just happened to have cute ones that I got as a gift.

For the decorating, I pulled out my washi tape and basic stickers.

I let them use whatever they wanted to use!

Gracie came up with the whole star on a circle thing by herself.

I was quite impressed!

Leah did all the taping and sticking by herself!

Once the decorating was done, we strung yarn through the straw and found a place to run the yarn.

That was the hard part.

I taped yarn to the wall.  That wasn't real sturdy and came off the wall easily.

I tied yarn between two lamps for Leah's.  You can see the lamp on the left.  

That was sturdier than Maggie's.

The best yarn supporters were, far and away, the tall chairs.

Gracie even set up 2 little areas for her Dollar Store Piggy!

That's Piggy's house (made from a Sonic drink tray) on the left, a nice transporting photo in the middle, and the stable on the right.

Or as Gracie said, "The fun place!"

If you want to make your house "the fun place," this weekend, cable car crafts are the way to do it!

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