Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Maggie's First Selfie

When we gave Maggie the camera to use at the parade, she did what was only natural.

She took her first selfie.

You know, a selfie...when you turn the camera and take a picture of yourself!

Here is attempt number 1:

She's got her eyes and nose, but just a bit of her mouth.

So, she does what any resourceful girl does, and adjusts the camera down a bit.

Great shot of the mouth and nostrils and just a peek of the eye.

Ah, yes, all she needs to do is hold her arm out farther and...


Perfection!  Very nice artistic sun flare and retreating fire engine in the background.

Maggie's a natural!

In case you missed the post about Leah and Aaron in the parade it's here.  And if you missed yesterday's awesome salad recipe, it's here!

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