Friday, September 27, 2013

He Holds All Things Together

When Maggie, Gracie, and I were cooking together yesterday, I noticed a little something.

Do you like how Gracie thinks that she's the one mixing, but I'm the one who is actually holding the mixer and keeping it from coming out of the bowl and making a tremendous mess?

Whenever I do that, I think about how much I live with an illusion of control.

I like to think that I plan fairly well, make decent decisions, and generally don't let things in my life get too crazy.

All of that is an illusion.  

As much as I can think I'm keeping things running smoothly, it's just not true.

When things are going well, and life appears not to have any wacky speed bumps, that's because of God's grace.  Life is under HIS control.

When life is hard and times are trying, that's under HIS control, too.  And we have victory in those difficulties because of God's grace.

God is the one who holds all things together...not me, even if I mistakenly think so.

And sometimes, all it takes is a cutie pie 3 year old attempting to use a mixer to remind me :)

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