Friday, September 6, 2013

First Days of School

Leah and Maggie had their first days of school, and they were first-day-of-school-eriffic!

Leah's first day was on Tuesday.  

I wasn't at all concerned about her having a hard time.  But, she woke up and said, "I don't want to go to school today."

I was like, "Wait.  What?  Who are you?"

She's been kind of clingy to me lately (at night especially), but I wasn't expecting that.

I think that's why she chose to wear her "I have the best mom in the world" shirt.

Leah also stamped Aaron, me, and herself with the same stamp.

She said that way we could look at our stamps and think about each other.  How cute is that?!

Leah stamped herself on the elbow so it wouldn't rub off as quickly.  

She's always thinking!

Of course as soon as we got into the van, she was talking a mile a minute about being excited about school!

She's was happy to get right to work when she got into her classroom.

She had such a great day!  

Maggie's first day was yesterday!  She has PreK all day on Mondays and Thursdays.

I was kind of concerned that she would have a hard time transitioning to school.

That was totally not the case!

Maggie was a natural!  Much more natural than she appears in this picture :)

She got right to work, too!

Maggie came home singing songs and demonstrating the proper way to quietly walk down the hallway.  She's so sweet!

On a side note, PreK teachers deserve a medal.  I'd last like 5 minutes!

Gracie and I had a wonderful day together!  She was sick on Leah's first day.  I came home from dropping Leah off, picked Gracie up, and she puked  Quite the greeting, poor baby.  

She felt better that evening, so she was ready for our day together!

She started out by taking a reeeeeeeally long bath...around an hour long!  I usually give the girls showers (faster and easier), so a bath is a treat!

Then, we headed to the coffee shop!

We had so much fun!

We each had a drink, played "chess," and played "cards."  It was quite entertaining.

And also quite relaxing...

Seriously cracks me up!

After that, we stopped at the bank, visited Aaron at his office, and went to Walmart.

We were swamped ;)

Lots of goodness around here!  

Here's one last bit of goodness:

Have a great weekend!

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