Wednesday, September 25, 2013

That Time We went to KC!

Once upon a time...waaaaaaaaaaay back in July, we went to Kansas City to visit our friends, Ryan and Becca!

Our summer was so full, that I never got around to writing about our visit!  But, it's super important to me that we remember what a wonderful time we had with our friends, so here it is now :)

My camera was totally on the fritz (I may have accidentally stepped on it before we left), so I didn't get pictures of everything, but here's what I do have!

We left on Friday after breakfast.  The girls did quite well on the drive there!

I had little goody bags for them to spice things up when it got boring.

I brought a bunch of books for the girls to read.  I was actually smart about it, though.  We have several (as in 8-10) books downstairs that I don't really let cycle upstairs.  (we have a ton of books, so we keep a bunch downstairs and rotate through them)  The reason I don't let them upstairs is because they aren't story books.  A lot of the time we read before bed, so books that are mostly search and find or with a million lift a flaps are too long...or undefined in length. 

This does make them perfect for a long car trip!

Gracie is way excited about the Winnie the Pooh lift-a-flap!
We got to KC (or KCMO as all the cool kids say) before supper!  Ryan and Becca have an awesome apartment, which I didn't take pictures of because, you know, the whole camera thing.

Ryan and Becca are the host and hostess with the mostess!  They had all of the meals planned and let us sleep in their room!  We had such a great evening getting to talk with them.  The girls love Ryan and Becca and they are both so great with them!

On Saturday, we headed to the Farmers' Market!

The girls got fancy balloons...

Can you tell it was wildly sunny?
and sno cones!

While they were enjoying the sno cones and kettle corn, I moseyed around a bit and got some amazing bread...

and bought my first macaron!

You know how you read about something and you wonder what all of the hype is about?  I've read about macarons and seen the recipes which are really involved and fussy.  I never understood why someone would go through all of the trouble to make one.

Then, I tried one!

And I understood!  I bought the kitchen scale in large part so I could try making them on my own.

They were amazing!  I made some for Gracie's birthday that weren't quite amazing but decent.  I think I know what I did wrong, though, and I'll have fun trying again :)

Anyway, the girls and Aaron danced to some swing music.  Totally adorable!  You'll have to trust me on that, though, because, you know, the whole camera thing!

That afternoon we went to an amazing children's museum!  It was actually in an old school and it was seriously so cool!

There were probably 8-10 different rooms.

The first room was full of ramps and golf balls!

Then, we went to the farm room!

I think it was my favorite room!  Maggie and Gracie could not get enough of the little carts!  Ryan was the cashier extraordinaire, and, as you can see, Aaron was great with the puppets!

There was a space room, but my camera was on the fritz.  Oh, and about space?  I kind of hate space.  But, that's another story :)

My camera also wasn't working in what was the girls favorite room.  They were literally talking about it a couple of days ago!  It was a room divided into 2 parts:  one was a baby nursery and the other was a vet clinic.  There were dolls and stuffed animals and x-rays and clip boards and doctor coats and etc., etc., etc.!  It was so, so cool!

We had a blast in the art room...

and after a long stint in there, we headed to what was the school's gym.

There was a submarine built largely out of legos!

A lego toilet and a lego microwave with popcorn!

They loved it!

On an unrelated side note, did you notice Leah and Maggie's braids?  Becca is a french braiding machine!

Right outside of the submarine, there was an area filled with big blocks!

They built their little hearts out!

The day was filled with so much fun, as evidenced by Gracie falling asleep in the car  :)

After the girls were in bed, Becca and I ran out to get some fun ice cream, and then we all settled in to watch a movie.  

And by "watch a movie," I mean that everyone else watched a movie and I fell asleep about 30 minutes in to watching it :)  Also known as "the usual."

We got to go to church with Ryan and Becca on Sunday...which we totally, totally loved!  We even got some Oklahoma Joe's for lunch, went to a park (Aaron and Ryan disc golfed, while all of us girls found a playground), visited Sonic for happy hour (oh, the ice!!!), and just enjoyed being together.

Oh, and the girls ALL reeeeeally enjoyed helping Becca in the kitchen...

it's amazing that she's able to cook without them there ;)

We left on Monday morning for the eternal drive home.  I may have almost started crying when an innocent fly got into the minivan which caused Gracie to freak.out. every single time she laid eyes on it.

We stopped for a bathroom break in the middle of nowhere and I told Aaron (with crazy eyes), "I don't care what you do, but you have to get that thing out of here."

But, I mean, aside from that and seeing every ear of corn in the midwest, it was a decent drive ;)

Thanks for an awesome visit, Ryan and Becca!  If only KC wasn't so far away...

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