Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Won...if you can call this winning...

Leah decided to wear jeans on Tuesday.  It was chilly, so it seemed like an obvious choice.

But, not at this house.

aka:  The Land of Dresses and Skirts and Leggings and Clothing with Elastic Waistbands.

I think it's the first time Leah has put on jeans since she was in 1st grade.  

That was the time when she complained about them being so tight and she just couldn't "move around very well."

Or breathe.

They were adjustable waist jeans, so I checked to be sure they weren't too tight.

There was about a 3/4 inch gap between the waist band and her actual waist.

Girlfriend doesn't know the real meaning of tight jeans.

Leah literally does deep knee bends and a variety of other stretches to acclimate herself to wearing jeans.

Seeing as Leah chose to wear jeans, Maggie happily jumped on the jeans bandwagon!

They were both wearing shirts they made last summer, too!

I am not the mom who dresses her daughters alike, so I think it's cute when they decide to dress alike on their own.

They tried to include Gracie, too, but she wasn't having it!

I put her in jeans and the t-shirt she made, but she wanted to wear a dress instead.

Aaron put her in a dress with leggings...the leggings because we were leaving the house that morning and it was chilly.

Because that's what the good parents do:  attempt to dress their children in seasonally appropriate clothing.

Gracie was freaking.out about the leggings.  

We had to put her in her bed several times for a time out.

It was one of those times where I genuinely didn't care what she wore, but we had to stick with what we said because we are the parents.  

Never fun.

As Aaron was getting ready to leave, he said, "I think your morning with her would be more pleasant if there was a way for her to not wear the leggings."

I replied as any normal, sane, clever, reasonable parent would.

"I guess I'll just spill something on her leggings on purpose so I'll have to take them off."

You see where I'm coming from with this, right?  I don't care if Gracie is wearing leggings, but I can't let her think that her incessant crying and whining is why I'm taking them off.

I was then on the look out for something to safely spill on Gracie's leggings.

I had some ice cream batter in the fridge that I needed to churn into ice cream.

I put the batter in my Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment and let it do its work.  When the ice cream was done, I grabbed 2 spoons and put a little ice cream on each of them.

I marched out to the living room and gave one to Maggie.

I turned to give the other spoon to Gracie when...


Somehow I tripped and "accidentally" got a little bit of ice cream on Gracie's leggings.

Clumsy mama...

"Oh, no!  Gracie, I'm so sorry!  I got some ice cream on your leggings.  It looks like I'll have to take them off."

Naturally, I thought she'd be thrilled.

Naturally, I was wrong.

She started sobbing!  "I want my leggings on!  You can just wipe it off.  I want my leggings on!"


Here I was...thinking that I was the hero.

Ummm, not so much.

Anyway, I quickly took her leggings off, gave her the ice cream, and she stopped crying.

She was much happier sans leggings...regardless of the initial crying!

So, did I win?

Maybe :)

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