Monday, September 23, 2013

Take a Hike...we did :)

While I was sharing about the fun Cable Car Craft on Friday, I mentioned that we went on a family hike!

When you read that on Friday, you probably thought to yourself, "I wish I could see some pictures of that hike!"

I am here.  For you.  With pictures.

You're welcome ;)

We climbed up a ton of steps!

Took a little break, of course.

We made it to the top and saw lots of beautiful farmland...

and an Amish guy driving a buggy!

Are you allowed to call Amish guys...guys?  Or are you supposed to say fellows or men or young bucks or dudes?

Definitely not dudes.

Anyway, I'll never get tired of seeing Amish people.

Maggie also found a grasshopper!

You're dying for a close up.

We tried to get him to hop, but he moseyed down between the cracks instead.


We walked around a bit, too!

Maggie wanted to be a monument :)

Leah (and Gracie, but she didn't want her picture taken) crawled through a crevice!

Look what Maggie found!

And at the very end...

a sweet picture of the sisters!

I hope your day is great!  We are going to a carnival at Maggie's school, so you know we'll be having fun  :)

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