Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Camp Out

Aaron promised the girls that they would sleep in a tent in the backyard this summer. Sunday night seemed like the best night to squeeze it in.  Thankfully, it gets dark earlier, so I wasn't worried about Leah and Maggie being up too late on a school night.  

It was also a nice bonus for me!  Gracie was sick last week and had residual stomach cramps from it.  She was waking up at night kind of a lot which meant that I was waking up at night kind of a lot.  Theoretically, this would be a night full of uninterrupted sleep for me!

The girls were quite excited!

Aaron even made a make their camping experience that much more authentic.

They ended the evening reading the Jesus Storybook Bible by the light of a headlamp!

I enjoyed a quiet evening and went to bed.

I woke up to poor Aaron vomiting at 2:00 in the morning.

Clearly he couldn't go back out to the tent which meant that I morphed into the fun-camping-parent.

Now, I realize that I worked at camp for a long time, but I am a res camp girl

Which means that my kind of camping is the cabin kind.  

There's a lot about actual camping that appeals to me, but sleeping in a tent is not one of those things.

Regardless of that, I dutifully and gladly took Aaron's spot in the tent.  

It did take me over an hour to fall asleep because it sounded like a critter was trying to get into the tent...not the most relaxing sensation in the world.

I slept until Gracie woke up at like 5:20 and announced that she wanted to go inside. 

I was happy to oblige!

We brought in all of the important blankets and miscellaneous supplies and laid down on the real beds.


Until Gracie started crying approximately 1 minute after laying down.

I figured that the night was just kind of weird for her, so I brought her out into the living room so we could cuddle/lay on the couch.

She proceeded to cry and whine for the next 2 hours until she threw up.

2 down.

Plus, Leah said that she wasn't feeling well and was unsure about going to school.

Leah likes school, so if she is okay with staying home, something must really be wrong.  I went with my gut and let her stay home.

I pulled together Maggie's lunch and got her some breakfast before taking her to school.

While I was doing that, Aaron and Gracie were throwing up at the very.same.time.

Now that's dedication to Father-Daughter cute ;)

Leah joined in on the fun after I got back from taking Maggie to school and picking up some needed supplies.

What a day!  

I'm so grateful that Maggie and I didn't get sick.  I really felt God sustaining me through the day...largely through the prayers of friends and many offers of help!

Needless to say, I think we're going to wait a while before sleeping in a tent.

After all, it literally made 60% of us sick ;)

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