Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Root Beer Floats...Immersion Blender Style

I'd like to introduce you to my buddy, the immersion blender!

I wanted to make root beer floats instead of shakes for our movie night.

But, then I realized that if I gave the girls root beer floats, they would drink the root beer which would leave ice cream in the bottom of their cups.  Then, they'd want to get the ice cream out of the cup, which would probably lead to sticking their hands in the cups and some eventual spilling on the couch and their pajamas.

Then, someone might end up crying.

So, for the sake of crying prevention, I decided to blend the floats!

I just used root beer, ice cream, and the immersion blender.

I scooped ice cream into a mug and topped it with root beer.

Then, I stuck the immersion blender in the mug and zipped it all up!

You could totally do this in a regular blender, but they are more of a pain to clean.

See how pretty it is all blended up!

I poured the blended float into the little girl cute cup

I feel like you can almost see a smiley face in there :)
and screwed on the cover!


It worked like a charm!  They loved the blended float, and there wasn't any crying!

That's always a win in my book :)

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