Sunday, September 8, 2013

If Leah Had a Bucket List

We went to a candy filled parade on Labor Day!

Leah and Maggie had great form when dashing out to retrieve candy.

Gracie wasn't as much of a fan.  She stayed on my lap pretty much the whole time.

I was happy, though!  She's pretty busy, so it's rare to have her on my lap for so long!

Leah had such a great time, that the whole way home, all we talked about was how kids could be in a parade.  

They could ride a horse.  

They could ride in an old car.  

They could ride on a fire engine.  

They could run for political office and buy votes with candy.

You know, the usual!

If Leah had a bucket list, being in a parade would be on it!

I was talking to my friend, Beth, about this and she mentioned that Leah might be able to be in a parade with the construction company that her husband co-owns.

As it turned out, Leah could be in the parade!  And it was this past weekend!

I dropped Aaron and Leah off to line up.

You can just SEE how excited Leah is!

Maggie, Gracie, and I settled in to watch the parade.

Aaron had the great idea to let Maggie use our old camera to take pictures of the parade.  It really gave her something special to do!

Before Aaron and Leah came by, we got to see a goat on a float.

Dr. Seuss would be so proud :)

Then a goat in a car.

And, while that doesn't rhyme, it is certainly worth mentioning.  

I would be terrified that the goat would poop on me or in my car.

Unless there are goat diapers?

We were also reminded that hugs are better than drugs.

You know, in case I would have forgotten. last!

Leah dropped a bunch of candy at our feet!  

And had a great time doing it!

Aaron had fun, too.

I feel like being in a small town parade makes you like a D list celebrity.

Or something like that.

They were pretty tired when they were done.

I think handing out candy at a parade is pretty much reverse trick or treating, and that really wears a girl out!

What a great day!

I'm thankful for friends who help make fun, little dreams come true!

Oh, and in case you missed some of what else has been going on in our life lately, check out our fun first day of school pictures!

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