Friday, October 11, 2013


These girls of mine say some pretty funny things :)

Enjoy a few !

Leah was in the bathroom getting ready for bed when she asked me...

Leah:  Mom, do all the animals die?
Becky:  Yeah.
L:  Plants, too?
B:  Yep.
L:  What about people?
B:  Yeah, honey, everyone dies, but Jesus makes things new again...(pause as I figure out how to explain a resurrected body, etc.)
L:  Like recycling?

Leah is reading my blog :)

We were driving by the Mississippi River...

Leah:  Mom, is that the Pacific Ocean?
Becky:  No, it's the Mississippi River.
L:  It sure looks like the Pacific Ocean!
B:  Uh, yeah...

It's fairly obvious that she's never been out of the midwest :)

Maggie was in the bathroom, playing with some cups and looking in the mirror...

Maggie:  Did you know that I'm a robot?
Becky:  I had no idea!  All this time I thought you were a girl!
Maggie:  Just kidding!  I'm your fuzzy Maggie!

Putting the girls to bed on our small group night...

Maggie: Why can't we be at Bible study?
Becky:  Well, we're talking about grown up stuff.
M:  Like what?
B:  Being married and stuff...
M:  YUCK!  Do you talk about the kiss part?

Now, I don't mean to leave Gracie out here, 

but her funny things have been related to potty training.

And let's not kid ourselves, that's best left off the internet :)

Have a happy weekend!

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