Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Up Front!

Maggie and Gracie were SO excited to say their Bible verse in front of church on Sunday!

Dressed as super heroes, of course!

You can see Lexi and Tina up there with them.

Lexi is a high school-er/local celebrity in our house.  Lexi's knee has been bugging her and Maggie often prays for her.  So sweet!

Tina is also a local celebrity in our house!  After Sunday school, it's always, "Miss Tina this, Miss Tina that," which I love!  Oh, Tina is the one that the ER doctor reminded me of when Gracie hurt her forehead.

I love how these 2 stick together <3

Here's a short video of all the kids saying their verse (Deuteronomy 31:6)!

After the kids came down from the stage, Maggie told me, "I want to go up there again!"

I love that she's not afraid!

I hope you have a great day...being strong and courageous because Jesus is strong and courageous for you!

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