Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday was a really big day for us!  

We went trick or treating downtown in the morning, headed to a wedding in the afternoon, and ended up at the pumpkin patch for a fun church activity.

It was cold at the pumpkin patch.

Maybe not so much cold as windy.

Does that makes it bone chillingly cold?

I don't know.

Either way, I should have had the girls, oh, you know, wear winter coats!

I was all, "Girls, no need to wear winter coats.  You'll be fine in a fleece."

Mommy fail.

Anyway, we started out strong.

There's a corncob de-kerneling spinning thing.

That's obviously fun, as long as you keep your fingers from being smushed!

Then, they moved over to the sensory table with all of those kernels!

They were having a great ol' time...until Maggie noticed a monster.

And by monster I mean a small barn cat minding its own business.

She was crying and crying and could not be reasoned with.

That's always fun.

We left the comparative warmth of the barn building and headed out to play some games and hunt for pumpkins.  

That was when things got cold.  

Pumpkin patches are, well, in patches and not in forests.  

The girls were troopers!  

We got pumpkins, but not pictures of the pumpkins, because I was busy keeping Gracie from tripping over pumpkin vines.

We did manage to get our family picture taken in an over-sized chair before the girls turned into icicles.

I feel like you can see how cold Maggie and Gracie are.  

Poor little things!

What's with their mom not having them wear winter coats?!


The little girls cuddled with Aaron, while I watched Leah in the barn as she played with monsters barn kittens.

When Leah and I came out from the barn, Aaron told me that Maggie was crying because she wanted to go home and Gracie was shivering the whole time.

Yeah, it was time to way of a beautiful sunset!

The girls were warm and cozy in bed by 7:15.

And now we have pumpkins to carve...a warm, inside activity, of course :)

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