Monday, October 7, 2013

The Pilgrimage

Honeycrisp apples.



I'm a fan.  

Aaron might argue that I'm obsessed.

He may or may not be right.

While I love the mighty honeycrisp, I don't love the price of said honeycrisp.

There's an orchard a little over an hour away from our house that sells the seconds of their apples.  

Now, when you initially hear about an apple being a second, you may be like me and think that they are half eaten by feral pigs or have worms sticking out.

That's totally not the case.

A second means that the color isn't perfect or the shape isn't exactly symmetrical or round or the "right" size.

The best part of seconds is that they are in $29 for a half bushel of honeycrisps which is right around a dollar a pound.

Huge bargain for a honeycrisp!  Totally worth the long drive in my book.

Anyway, Maggie, Gracie and I picked Leah up from school and left from there to begin our pilgrimage to the orchard.

In order to keep my fellow pilgrims happy, I let them watch a dvd on the way.

But, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery!

We got to the orchard and were greeted by the apple sorters!

They are finding my seconds :)

Here are my little honeycrisps with the honeycrisps!

We bought 2 half bushel bags...

...and you can see I wasn't the only one excited about it!

We wandered over to the area filled with jarred awesomeness.

I only bought some apple butter and avoided the pickled eggs and other random pickled things that I'm sure are the right person :)

But, right by the jarred area is a window with a beautiful view.

Leah could see, but I lifted up Maggie and Gracie so they could see, too.  Of course, the picture doesn't do it justice!

After we checked out, we headed to enjoy the outdoors.

Aside from another beautiful view, the girls really loved the horses!

Maggie looks like she's had a few too many...apples?

And, I think they even enjoyed posing by the large measuring stick!

We headed for home with our sweet companion,

the apple cider donuts.

They sell these without being coated in sugar.


Does anyone even buy that kind?

Anyway, our ride home was rough.

All of us were melting down...myself included.  More about that tomorrow.

But, on the homestretch, God gave us this nice little gift.

Yep, that's a rainbow!

What a great way to end a frazzled drive!

I hope your week is off to a great (and non-frazzled) start!

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