Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mondays are Happy Days

Mondays are garbage day around here, so that makes Mondays very exciting!

You see, when you live on a dead end, the garbage truck is one of the few vehicles to make it down...that and the people awkwardly turning around in our driveway.

Gracie is always very grateful for the garbage men.

She opens the door and yells to them, 

"Thank you!  Thank you, garbage men, for taking our garbage!"

So, so sweet.

She's always very disappointed when they don't hear her.

The other good thing about this Monday in particular is that Leah wanted to learn how to clean the toilet.

Um...okay!  I'll take it

And, yes, that's Maggie enjoying her snack :)

I hope your Monday was a happy day, too!

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