Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Things I Like

You know how we have computer games, like Angry Birds or Candy Crush, that suck our time up and drain us of insane amounts of productivity?  This addictive game has been doing it for centuries.  

2.  Spot It

My mom is really smart.  She picks up on things quickly and is amazingly good at every kind of puzzle you can think of.  I like to say that she could have been a spy if she hadn't gotten married and had babies!

Maggie not only resembles my mom, but has that kind of brain, too!  Spot It is a very basic game where you pick out matches between several pictures on two cards, and Maggie is amazingly good at it.  I like the portability of the game and the fact that it's an easy game to explain and understand.

3.  Creative Hospitality 

Leah made a nice little snack for Aaron and me :)

Then, she set the table with snacks for all of us!

That's an American flag taped to Maggie's place card!

I love Leah's sweet heart <3

4.  Imagination

I love seeing the things that our girls carry around in their backpacks!  

This is what I found in Leah's backpack this weekend:

I said, "Leah, what's all this stuff in your backpack?"

She replied, very matter of fact, "We're pretending to move to Hawaii."



5.  Dates

Here's Aaron and me on our anniversary date!

We were actually at his parents' house over our anniversary, so they watched the girls while we went out to eat at an awesome local restaurant.  

Great food and even better company!

Plus, we got to eat outside :)

6.  This Girl

Drum roll please...

I think she's (mostly) potty trained!!!


She wakes up dry from her nap and nighttime a vast majority of the time...although, I'll keep putting her in pull ups until she wakes up dry for a month straight.

Call me crazy, but I'm passionate about uninterrupted sleep and not changing pee soaked sheets.

Gracie tells me when she has to go potty, will go when I ask her, and insists on using the regular toilet and not the potty chair.

TMI:  She's even pooped on the big toilet 3 times!


Imagine me excitedly pumping my fists in the air :)

Want to know what you'll like? 

7.  The recipe that I'm posting tomorrow...

You might even pump your fists in the air!

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