Sunday, October 20, 2013

It was a Good Weekend to be Leah

Yes, it was a good weekend to be Leah...and the other girls, too, but Leah had some special things!

Like being in ANOTHER parade!

Leah and her friend, Brian, were randomly selected to carry the banner for their class!  They were so excited!  

On Friday afternoon, Maggie, Gracie, Aaron and I went to the parade, which was only about 20 minutes long, so the little girls were able to still get in an afternoon nap...

...also known as a win for mommy ;)

After school, Leah "did the dishes."

I was internally cheering and patting myself on the back for having a daughter so eager to serve the family by taking care of the dishes.  

Then, I realized that by "doing the dishes," Leah really meant "playing with the water."  

For the record, I was quite happy about that, too!  I enjoy her creative play.

Yes, she washed 3 dishes in 30 minutes.  But, she also very thoroughly rinsed out the empty milk jug you see in the picture :)

On Saturday morning, Leah picked out Maggie's clothes.

She if full of love with all of those hearts!  

Maggie got the small flute/recorder/whistle in a goody bag from school and she asked Leah to give her lessons!

The girls and I went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday morning.  Our friend, Lori, and her 4 daughters came with us.  

Here's how excited my girls were when I told them their friends were coming!

Lots of little girl squealing and jumping up and down!

All of the girls did great at Hobby Lobby!  After Lori and I got what we needed, we wandered up and down the Christmas aisles and the girls looked at beautiful things.  It was pretty fun watching the expressions of other shoppers as our little posse of girls made their way through the store :)

I wish I wouldn't have forgotten my camera!

And, lastly, on Sunday afternoon, we cuddled on the couch while watching a little House Hunters on hgtv.

We love trying to figure out which house they are going to choose!

I also enjoy the opportunity to talk about contentment and not needing to have fancy things to be happy.

I mean, seriously!  Some of the people on that show are ridiculous!  As if you couldn't possibly live in a house without 2 sinks in the bathroom or obviously not being able to cook unless you have granite counters.

Silly, silly.

Not that there's anything wrong with those things, but some people really need to pull themselves together :)

I hope your weekend was great, too, even if you weren't in a parade!

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