Friday, October 4, 2013

Jenny Had a Baby!

There are my girls...

I mean, obviously, they are my girls!

Then, there are these ladies...

...and I just love them, too!

I love that college students that I invested in are my friends!  

I love that they minister to and encourage my heart and life.  

I love that they are women that my girls love and look up to.

That just makes my heart so incredibly full.

Jenny had a baby about 6 weeks ago, and last week, Bri, Steph, and I got to visit her and meet her baby!

Evan was such a sweetheart!

He was so tired when I was holding him!  Jenny's husband, John, had the day off work and stayed home with Evan while the 4 of us when to Panera.  Evan didn't nap at all while we were gone...his daddy is pretty exciting :)

Evan was so tired that he was holding so still.  I remember when my girls were tiny and would be so exhausted that they didn't even want to move!

It was so great to spend time with Jenny and see her doing so amazingly well as a mama!  John and Jenny are a couple who have such a heart for people and they love others really well, so it's no surprise that they are awesome parents!  

I love seeing Jenny so happy and confident in her role as mommy :)

It was a quick visit but such a good one!

We missed you, Becca!
Yay for friends and babies :)

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