Monday, April 28, 2014

Highlights of Easter

I feel like I took several million pictures of our Easter weekend, but that's just an approximation.

We made cute cookies:

Aaron's mom and dad did a fun Easter egg hunt!

They even hid one big egg per grown up!  There was a clue inside...

you like my fancy nail polish?

directing us to a prize inside!

Mine was not by a poinsettia or Christmas tree (my initial thoughts), but by a Christmas cactus :)  My sister-in-law is a florist, so she helped me out.  The kids found my egg before I did and they had to direct me to it, too!  Apparently I need a lot of remedial attention ;) 

The cousins dyed some eggs...

It took longer to set up the egg dyeing than it did to actually dye the eggs!

We headed out to feed some ducks, too, which was when Aaron took the cute pic of me and the girls.

We got a pic of the girls standing on a rock

with the Minnie Mouse sandwich box.

The girls and the sandwich box were then joined by the cousins!

The ducks got some free lunch from winter coated girls in mid April

and Aaron and I took a picture!

The girls found their Easter baskets on Easter morning.  We got them fake glasses which was a huge hit!

Maggie immediately started talking and acting like "a grandmother" as she said in a funny voice :)

We came home from church...

and after lunch we did some cute posing...

you should know that I'm a casual Easter dress kind of mom


flower picking, 

cat avoiding explorations,

more swinging,

and some imaginative salad making!

After supper, the kids wore the pajamas from Aaron's parents and settled in to watch Frozen.

The nightgowns are pretty much the cutest ever!

The drive home on Monday wasn't bad, either (even though I didn't record details like I did for the way there)!

Have a great start to your week!

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