Friday, April 25, 2014

Project 365: #16

Well, my has gotten off to a great start and I hope your's has, too!

Day 107:

Getting all settled in for our road trip!

Day 108:

Leah is petting Midnight, her favorite barn cat. 

Day 109:

Something really exciting was going on outside :)

Day 110:

She's a baller.  She's a game changer.  All she does is win.  Especially in an Easter dress :)

Day 111:

The Dowager (that's the giraffe Maggie gave me when I got my wisdom teeth out) and I went on vacation together.  And by "on vacation," I mean that we went grocery shopping without children ;)

Day 112:

Leah wore her Earth Day crown/hat home from school and was very disgusted when she found litter in the road.  LITTER.  ON EARTH DAY!!!

Day 113:

This is how homework has been getting done lately.  Leah is kind of offended that she has homework, so she sometimes has a hard time buckling down to get it done.  I used to have her do it when I was getting supper ready, but it's kind of a hectic time of day.  Now, I sit with her so I can help her.  It's working for us...for now!

Day 114:

Gracie and I were playing dolls together...a kind of Frozen and Sound of Music hybrid.  I was feeling like a great mom until she informed me that it was boring.  Apparently she appreciates the dramatic outbursts and occasional crying of her sister :)

Have a great weekend!

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