Friday, April 11, 2014

Project 365: #14

It's been a fun and full week!

Day 94:

That's how happy she got when I told her I ordered her the 2 Judy Moody books she doesn't have :)

Day 95:

Girls night out!  Dinner, a play, and then dessert!  It was amazing...all the things were amazing!  Especially the people :)

Day 96:

So happy together <3

Day 97:

My grocery shopping buddy!  My secret to well behaved grocery shoppers?  Go when they are well rested.  Also, a little snack while you're bagging at Aldi pretty much ensures happy campers :)

Day 98:

Aren't they just the cutest!?!  We love living on a dead end, but when they are doing road construction on the road we take in, it can present some...challenges!  We've been parking on a parallel street and walking through a field to get to our house/car.  They are walking to check out a big stick that the called The Goliath Stick :)

Day 99:

Maggie wanted to take some pictures, so I let her use the camera for a few minutes.  This is a view from her top bunk :)  

Day 100:

Cuddling with Daddy after school!  Maggie is so tired after school and Gracie was actually holding still :)

Have a great weekend full of your favorite people!

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