Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Things I Like

Here's a quirky little edition of things I like :)

I like this!

What is there not to like about ice cream with caramel and popcorn on top?  It was the ultimate salty and sweet taste explosion!  You should seriously try it.  

Here's a great little compilation of quotes from Mr. Rogers.  Super touching.  

Pus, here's Mr. Rogers autotuned...which is actually respectful and touching :)

I like being the mom.

Sometimes I still feel a little bit like I'm playing house and not the actual mom.  But then I sign a note "love, mom" and it hits me that I am indeed the mom.  I like that :)

Here's a short blog post about drinking coffee with 2 hands.  It's something that I really related to and would like to try more often!

I like this yogurt!

It's so yummy and full of good texture with the toasted almonds and chocolate bits.  It's more of a dessert yogurt, but however you classify it, it is undoubtedly delicious!

Remember when I was telling you about the super cool Bible app for kids?  It's called...wait for it...the Bible App for Kids.  I know!

I love the stories that are on the app, plus it gets even better!  There are parent resource pages to go with each story which includes questions, personal application, Gospel tie ins, prayers, and coloring pages!  Check them out!  I think we'll be using them this summer.

I like stashing Christmas presents away for later!

The girls get so many awesome Christmas gifts from family, that it can be easy to lose track of them all.  For the past couple of Christmases, I've been setting a few aside, and the girls don't even notice!  I pulled out this awesome Doc McStuffins painting pad and Gracie and Maggie had a great time with it!

I also like that Gracie is sticking her tongue out in concentration :)

I hope your week is full of things you like!

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