Thursday, April 3, 2014

We are Fools for April

I'd be lying if I said I'm naturally really into April Fool's Day.

I'm by no means against it or anything, but it's just not my thing.

Or, as Steph put it, it's not a holiday that lends itself to a cookie decorated in its honor :)  

But, for whatever reason, the girls have really been looking forward to it, so I thought I'd play a little trick on each of them.

I played an egg trick on Maggie!  I got all of the egg out of the egg shell and replaced it with curly ribbon.

I told Maggie that she could crack an egg.  She was very eager!

I handed her the egg...

and she tapped it on the counter and began to pull it apart.

But, wait a second!

There's ribbon inside!

April Fools!

Gracie had the ol' frozen cereal trick!

I put her cereal in the freezer the night before.  I sent her to her room and set the frozen cereal out with a tiny bit of fresh milk on top.

She sat down and suspected nothing.

But, man, that was some hard cereal!

Gracie was really perplexed and a very good sport!

April Fools!

Or as Gracie said all day, "April Fools Day!!!"  She would make cute jokes like, "Mom, you don't have ears!  April Fools Day!"  Super adorable!

Leah had to wait until after school for her trick.  She knew it was coming and was ready to check it off her list of the day's activities :)  She literally came into the house after school asking me when I was going to trick her!

For Leah, I opened a flip top can of peaches from the bottom and emptied out all of the peaches and juice.  I didn't open about an inch of the bottom of the can.  I replaced them with mandarin oranges and juice.  I hot glued the heck of the bottom of the can so the oranges stayed in and didn't leak. 

I told Leah I was pretty worn out and could really use her help getting ready for supper.  

I asked her to open the can of peaches and dump them into the bowl.

She was genuinely happy to help!  

I kept saying, "Thank you so much for helping me with the peaches."

How do those peaches look?

Are you sure those are peaches?

Wait just a second.

Those are not peaches.

April Fools!


And, no foolin', I hope your day is great!

I'm currently on a field trip with Leah's's my first!  I'm pretty excited :)

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